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About Us

Home Food Hospitality Services entity with a mission to cater the finest food on a large scale with uncompromising standards of hygiene, taste and efficiency. Our motto is to ride forever on the crest of culinary excellence. Cooking mouthwatering and healthy food is an art that is hard to master. It needs constant experimentation, deep knowledge and an unlimited desire to create unforgettable taste experiences indispensable quantities that we possess in profusion. We understand that great food does not just stave off hunger for the true connoisseur; it leaves a pleasant after taste and creates a pleasurable experience a veritable feast for all senses. We also understand that our customers expect us to be responsive to their demands. Led by a group of experienced professionals, we assure you the highest standards of customer’s services excellence by catering to large-scale orders adhering to the toughest timelines.

We at Home Food Hospitality Services invite you to enjoy a free –flow of traditional and branded food concepts and innovative program that maximize fresh ingredients, preparation and exhibition cooking with a harmonious balance in the quality in the quality and have structured a proposal to help achieve your goals of providing services to your employees.

It is our endeavor to deliver global standards with local approach to food and allied services.

Scope of Catering Services – Duties of Home Food Hospitality Services

  • Food will be prepared at the kitchen located at Home Food Hospitality Services kitchen, expect for some Breakfast, Chapathi, Snacks, Tea and Coffee at your campus.
  • Vehicle will be of sealed body to carry food.
  • Food will come to each unit before 45 minutes of each session.
  • All food will be hot cases rolls.
  • Home Food Hospitality Services will deploy trained staff in adequate numbers for each site.
  • All staff will be in uniforms and shall carry identity card.
  • The staff will undergo medical checkup once in every six months.
  • Home Food Hospitality Services will pay for ESIC & EPF Staff.
  • Home Food Hospitality Services will be responsible for cleanliness kitchen areas allocated.
  • Home Food Hospitality Services will be arrange hygiene and up keep of kitchen area equipments, pans crockery and cutlery.
  • Home Food Hospitality Services will be responsible to dispose the garbage from catering areas to the garbage collection area designated with in institution premises. And will make sure it will be collected by the garbage vendor.
  • All food will be hot cases rolls.


Home Food Hospitality Services has a quality assurance plan and policy in place, which is followed uniformly at all sites. A brief copy of our quality assurance program:

Quality Assurance program is aimed at preventing as far as possible the delivery of materials and production of products, which are not acceptable, or do not meet establishment standards. It has been devised to encourage the making of an established standard product and to sound the alarm – resulting in corrective action – when a substandard product appears.

Overall Objective :

To produce and maintain quality at the lowest possible cost consistent with company’s quantity standards and sound business practices. Provide Operation management with information and reference material, which will asst them in identifying maintaining and improving company’s standards of quantity in food and sanitation.

Food :

To produce healthy, hygienic and savory food by following the highest standards of culinary quality. Which is wholesome, nutritious, fresh and with natural flavor.

Sanitation :

To Provide and maintain sanitary and clean equipment and work areas in which food is received, stored, prepared and served. And served. To maintain a food service operation which meets or exceeds the local and state health department standards.


  • Clean and complete uniform
  • Adapted and clean shoes
  • Head gear wearing
  • Hand gloves wearing
  • Hands and nail clean, trimmed and non-polished nails, no jewelry
  • Hair is tied and well combed
  • Absence of visible diseases – protected injuries (cuts)
  • No smoking/ chewing of tobacco products
  • Daily clean shave


  • No unusual smell, no stagnant water
  • Clean walls, ceilings, and doors
  • No rubbish on the floor, grill maintained
  • No unwanted objects – plants
  • No animals, insects, rodents